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Kastamonu Entegre Becomes the Center of Attention at Intermob

Kastamonu Entegre, a global brand of the wood-based panel industry, shone out at the 25th Intermob Trade Show thanks to its innovative products that raise the living standards. The brand entertained its domestic and foreign business partners at the international summit of the industry and introduced, for the very first time, Floorpan Aquamax, a water and moisture resistant laminate flooring range; Yenyle that offers economical and eco-friendly solutions for the replacement of kitchen cabinets; QuietPan, a soundproofing system; and Floorpan Wings, a new laminate flooring range available in 10 different decor options.

No more noise pollution

Kastamonu Entegre introduced its new products for the first time at Intermob, which took place with a huge turnout after the pandemic. The soundproofing system QuietPan, which solves the noise issue aesthetically with several color and pattern choices that fit into every interior setup, was one of the prominent products of the trade show. Allowing for application after the construction without demolishing the existing walls, QuietPan greatly contributes to the living standards with the sound insulation it delivers up to +13 dB in living spaces, such as homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

Economical and eco-friendly solutions offered by Yenyle

One of the rising stars of the trade show was Yenyle that delivers a ten times more economical solution compared to a full kitchen renovation by allowing for the replacement of cabinet doors with an aesthetic touch, eliminating the need to touch the body of the kitchen cabinets. Along with the value it produces for the end user, Yenyle creates a new and sustainable source of income for dealers, carpenters and installation professionals, and provides 70% less wood-based panel consumption than in a full kitchen replacement.

Hygiene+ assurance on flooring 

Seeking to cater for the hygienic surfaces needed at an increasingly important level due to the pandemic, with its Hygiene+ featured laminate flooring and panel products, Kastamonu Entegre now produces all its laminate flooring products by leveraging this technology. The Hygiene+ Floorpan laminate flooring products certified by Blue Angel, which serves as the proof of eco-friendly production, secure living spaces by inhibiting 99.9% of the bacterial activities expected to appear on the surface within 24 hours. 

Adding new varieties to the Floorpan Palace range that is striking with decors Versay and Pena, Kastamonu Entegre demonstrated new decors Çırağan, Dolmabahçe, El Hamra and Potala to the satisfaction of the industry during the trade show. Aquamax and Wings, the new series from Floorpan, were introduced for the first time at Intermob. Launched with three different decor options, Floorpan Aquamax catches the eye with its resistance to water and humidity up to 48 hours. Additionally, Floorpan Wings coming with 10 different decor options named Falcon, Eagle, Hawk, Raven, Heron, Stork, Parrot, Dove, Robin and Lark is inspired by the birds in different geographies. The free-spirited Wings series stands out with its guarantee of use up to 25 years in residences.

Boundless freedom in design offered by decorative panels 

Kastamonu Entegre's raw, melamine-faced, colorful and glossy panels took their place at the trade show, accompanied by trendy decors. The Hohenstein-certified Safe Surface melamine-faced panels, which are 99.9% effective against viruses, bacteria and fungus, were one of the centers of attention during the show.

Tailored for those seeking an extraordinary look in their living spaces, the selection of Vision panels bearing the traces of nature in its texture earned the appreciation of Intermob visitors with its new decors. 

The other products that drew attention in the Kastamonu Entegre booth included the acrylic lacquered panel Glossmax, the glossy panel Glossmax Pro, the PVC-/PET-faced panel Evogloss, the acrylic lacquered panel Mattplus, the melamine-faced door Doorlam and the fireproof panel DOORFR. 

The examples of innovative products developed by Kastamonu Entegre's R&D Center in Teknopark Istanbul were among the spots that attracted a great deal of attention from both industry professionals and academics and students who visited the trade show.