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As Kastamonu Entegre, we are Turkey’s largest wood panel producer and are among the world’s leading wood panel producers. 

Although you may not know us by our name, we are everywhere around you. We hold the plates at family dinners. We are there when your children take their first steps. We accompany you during your long workdays, waiting for your ideas to materialize on paper. We are in your home, in your office, everywhere you go… We keep your company while you enjoy and find peace in wood.

We are employing cutting-edge technology to be the best, and we are investing across the globe. We strive to reach the highest quality in our products. Since 1969, we have been pioneers and innovators thanks to our powerful production capabilities, strong sales force, and distribution network. We bring our products to people all over the world through our plants in six different countries.

As Kastamonu Entegre, we are the bridge connecting the warmth of nature and life.