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We have distanced ourselves. First from nature, then from our true self. We built cities with concrete castles for the promise of a safer, more comfortable, more convenient, more practical and happier life. The more urbanized we were, the more distant we became from our very self. 

But we were born into nature, lived in it for thousands of years... While our bodies were trapped in cities, our heart and mind remained in nature.  Now, think about it... We build indestructible structures made of steel, albeit with interiors covered in wood. If we see a huge wooden table in the restaurant we go to as a family… We run to be the first one to claim it. We feel a calming sensation when we step barefoot on a wooden floor. We hear the trees whisper to us through the doors in our house. We feel complete as we become one with wood. We find peace. We feel happy. 

Kastamonu Entegre strives for this peace and happiness. Although our operation comprises advanced technology, a team of experts and production facilities around the globe, we work with nature and for nature. We strive to bring the peaceful sensation of being in the woods to the city. Nature is not a part of life, it is life itself.