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Kastamonu Entegre presenting the purest form of wood with the River series

Adding value to living spaces with its trend-leading decor and rich surface varieties, Kastamonu Entegre introduced to users the new products from the Floorpan laminate flooring range manufactured without compromising the principles of superior quality and durability. The River series that delivers top-notch durability and protection against water and humidity for 72 hours offers users the purest and most natural form of wood with eight different decor options.

Positioned as the top manufacturer in Turkey, the third largest in Europe and the fifth largest in the world across the wood-based panel industry, Kastamonu Entegre presented users the new Floorpan laminate flooring River series that can be easily and safely used in many spaces, such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and children's rooms. Floorpan, the first laminate flooring in Turkey to be certified by “Blue Angel” showing that the products contain no chemicals potentially harmful to health and the environment, adds simplicity and elegance to the advantages of easy installation, quick cleaning and durability thanks to the River series. Using wood in its purest form and designed with inspiration from the oak tree, the River series consists of eight different decors - Danube, Tigris, Delaware, Ganges, Thames, Nile, Trent and Erne, offering the privilege of enjoying naturalness and simplicity in all living spaces, especially in indoor areas, offices and homes.  Users can experience elegance and comfort at the same time with decors that appeal to different consumer tastes and needs, from classic to modern, from natural and simple lines to dynamic designs.

Powerful, comfortable and aesthetic touches to spaces with eight different decors

Produced in 8 mm thickness with a grade 32 AC4 option at European standards, the Floorpan laminate flooring River series stands out with its quality, durability and environmentally friendly approach. Danube, one of the decors featured in the River laminate flooring series, is highlighted by its line that appeals to both classic and modern tastes and its perfect combination of comfort and elegance. It also stands out with its fitness for use with metal accessories and modern furniture. Blending perfectly with gray, beige and khaki tones, Tigris offers an unparalleled experience in various spaces with its unique texture, aesthetic design and timeless durability. The decor Delaware featured in Kastamonu Entegre's new Floorpan laminate flooring range allows creating unique spaces when used with anthracite furniture and light gray wall paint.

Ganges, one of the decors from the series, makes all the difference as a product that suits any style and can be easily preferred in both resting and sitting areas with its sustainability- and naturalness-oriented design.

Produced for those who cannot help themselves being a fan of classics and want to add superior quality to their living spaces, Thames strikes with its unique wood appearance and timeless design. The decor Nile from the Floorpan River range, designed with inspiration from the perfectness of nature, brings a peaceful atmosphere to the spaces with its soothing color tone and carries the traces of nature to the living spaces.

A potentially indispensable element for those who want to experience a breeze of “country” in their own spaces, Trent leaves magnificent effects on the floors with its simple and natural wood appearance. On the other hand, Erne that offers a different spatial experience like never before with its vibrant pattern is designed for those who want to add dynamism and balance to their living spaces.

As with all Floorpan laminate flooring products, the River series equipped with Hygiene+ plus feature provides effective protection from bacteria and microbes by inhibiting up to 99.9% of the bacterial activity expected on the floor within 24 hours.