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“Bridging Nature and Life Meetings” by Kastamonu Entegre Begins

“Color is a hot issue in Turkey but which people do not dare”

The Keas Concept Studio, brought to life by Kastamonu Entegre as an inspiration hub for the industry professionals, has started to host a new series of meetings. In the first leg of the meetings titled “Bridging Nature and Life”, interior designer Jale Kulin and Assoc. Prof. Ayşegül Kuruç delivered an inspiring talk on “Color”. The event held during the World Architecture Week included architects and interior designers from different generations as the participants.

Kastamonu Entegre, the global brand of the wood-based panel industry, holds a series of meetings on different themes in line with its “Bridging Nature and Life” philosophy positioned at the core of its operations. Interior designer Jale Kulin and MSGSU faculty member Assoc. Prof. Ayşegül Kuruç took part as the speakers in the first session of the Bridging Nature and Life Meetings moderated by Yapı Kataloğu, which touched on the theme of “Color”. During the session where an insight into the place and importance of the color use on macro and micro scales in the design world was shared, the importance of the correlation between color and memory was stressed. 

“Color is actually an urban policy”

Remarking that color is a memory, Assoc. Prof. Ayşegül Kuruç spoke about the feeling a certain city evokes in us and the ‘image color’ and said, “We build our cities on the colors of our geography. These colors are imprinted on our memories. Even when we think about a foreign city before going there, the colors identified with that geography spring to our minds. Like the pyramid image and the yellow desert color springing to our minds when we think of Cairo... Color is actually an urban policy. It is so easy to deduce color scales of every decade by examining the structures from different eras. The thing that matters is using the colors that fit the spirit and texture of that city. When used properly, gray can turn into a very good background color.” 

“We forget how much we are influenced by colors”

Sharing insights into color use on micro and macro scales, interior designer Jale Kulin underlined the variance of colors depending on volumetric changes in architecture. Kulin reminded that color has a psychological effect on every area we live in, making it closely correlated with emotions, and said, “We forget how much we are influenced by colors, whereas every living being in nature inherently contains a color and we can see this in a flower or on the wings of an insect or butterfly every day. “Color, however minimal, is actually a statement and a hot issue in Turkey but which people do not dare.”

The “Bridging Nature and Life” meetings series will bring together architects, interior designers and industry professionals under different topics until the year-end.