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The Second Bridging Nature and Life Meeting Has Been Organized

The global brand in the wood-based panel industry, Kastamonu Entegre, organized the second Bridging Nature and Life Meeting at the KEAS Concept Studio, which was designed as a center of inspiration for industry professionals. The meeting focused on the theme of “Multidisciplinary Approach to Design” and hosted I-AM Online Founding Partner, Emre Kuzlu, and Mercado Founding Partner and editor, Tuna Mert Topuz, both architects, as speakers. Attracting architects and interior architects, the conversation explored multidisciplinary approaches in the world of design, artistic cooperations, and the new role of space.

The Key to Attracting Gen Z to Stores Is with Experiences Noting the increased accessibility of online shopping, and the way economic challenges triggered by the pandemic influenced people’s motivation to go out and seek new experiences, I-AM Online Founding Partner Emre Kuzlu says, “The key to attracting the younger generation of consumers, in particular, into stores lies in providing them with an experience.  We could attribute this to the new role of spaces. Spaces are no longer limited to their functionality, aesthetics, and services, but also the strong experiences they provide and the impacts they create.” Exclusive Store Art Is a Significant Attraction Highlighting that arts and culture are the perpetual intertwining and complementing disciplines to architecture, Mercado editor Tuna Mert Topuz adds, “Today, many major brands periodically cooperate with artists to change the spatial perception. The artist designs works that directly reflect the store and create their own space within the store environment. Evoking an art gallery through the unique works exhibited, the store has become an inviting space that draws the public to visit.”