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We’ve been running an In-House Entrepreneurship Program since early 2018. The program selects ideas with potential to create innovative value and includes them in the Acceleration Program. Once linked with a tangible need at the Acceleration Program, the projects are submitted by their originators to our council, chaired by our CEO, with a request for budget. If approved for an initiation budget, the projects move on to the Incubation Program.

The In-House Entrepreneurship Program focuses on creating environment- and society-friendly innovative solutions and business models in living spaces. We’ve projected more than 20 ideas out of over 1,600 submitted.


Yenyle helps change cupboard doors without interfering with the body, thus offering an economic, practical, and professional service to end consumers. This service uses 70 percent fewer wood-based panels compared to a full kitchen renovation and introduces an affordable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly solution.


The QuietPan sound insulation system provides noise-cancelling in all living spaces with an aesthetic approach. QuietPan stands out as an easy and practical sound insulation solution that can be installed after construction without tearing down the walls. It successfully obtained the Turkish Standards Institution approval for providing sound insulation of up to +13.3 decibels.