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A Breakthrough by Kastamonu Entegre in Renewable Energy

Investissement de 70 millions de dollars dans les énergies renouvelables


$70 million investment in renewable energy


A Breakthrough by Kastamonu Entegre in Renewable Energy


Making a difference in the wood-based panel industry with its pioneering efforts in sustainability, Kastamonu Entegre will make considerable investments in renewable energy until the end of 2024. Thanks to its circular solutions and renewable energy initiatives, the corporation aims to increase its recycling rate to 50 percent in 2024.


Kastamonu Entegre, the global brand of the wood-based panel industry, takes its commitment to sustainability one step further with renewable energy investments. Focusing on the use of recyclable materials, biobased products and renewable energy in line with its sustainability approach, the corporation aims to generate 273 thousand MWh of energy per year by the end of 2024 with the biomass and solar power plants established on its premises in Kastamonu, Balıkesir, Adana, Samsun and Gebze. The energy produced in biomass and solar energy facilities with a total investment amount of $70 million, consisting of an actual investment of $50 million until the end of 2023 and a future investment of $20 million in 2024, corresponds to the 1-year electricity need of 100 thousand houses. These investments will enable Kastamonu Entegre to avoid 140 thousand tonnes of carbon emissions per year. With a long-term strategy set for renewable energy, the corporation aims to increase its investments in this field to $170 million by the end of 2026.  We will have met 65% of our energy demand through these investments.



100% recycled manufacturing in Italy, a self-powered factory in Adana


The sustainability practices adopted by Kastamonu Entegre, which continues its manufacturing operations in 6 countries around the world, in the wood-based panel industry are appreciated by many reputable organizations both in national and international arenas. As the only Turkish company involved in the bio-based industrial initiative launched by the European Commission, Kastamonu Entegre carries out many projects that will serve as a role model for the industry to minimize resources such as energy, to activate waste recycling and to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impacts from manufacturing processes near zero.


Awarded the “Energy Efficiency” prize at the 9th Efficiency Project Awards Ceremony held by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Kastamonu Entegre's plants in Adana, Kastamonu and Samsun generate their own electric power with the Solar Power Plants installed on their roofs. In addition, diesel-fueled lift trucks are converted into electric lift trucks in the plant, reducing energy costs and taking an important step towards eliminating Carbon emissions due to the use of diesel fuel. Kastamonu Entegre, which manufactures goods at 100% recycling rate in its factory in Italy, makes further significant investments to increase the recycling rate at other manufacturing sites as part of its sustainability approach.