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An Innovative Touch To Living Spaces With The Vision Panel Selection

Updating its range of products constantly, Kastamonu Entegre continues to enrich the melamine-faced panel series Vision adding new decors. The selection of Vision panels allowing for a wide range of applications in furniture and interior design includes 14 decors that feature wood textures, fancy patterns and solid colors. Atlas Pine and Almond, the new decors introduced to the series, appeal to those who seek comfort and spaciousness in their living spaces.

Living spaces speaking the language of nature 
Garden Oak and Bilbao, the two wood decors from the Vision family, fit in almost every style thanks to their natural texture, while Belmonte, which is striking with its vibrant color tones, is the ideal choice for those who want to add a warm atmosphere to the living space. Ascona stands out with its natural color and texture, as well as its easy-to-process composition, and Alpine with its superior performance in decoration solutions "out of the box", and Navarro, featuring a unique texture, with its high durability in usage areas, such as kitchens, bathrooms, etc. Cabana, which is an ideal choice for those who want to display their creativity thanks to its unique color, andArgos, which brings efficiency to work spaces and peace to homes with the positive energy it radiates, appeal to those who can't help themselves sticking with dark tones. 

Colors and textures stimulating creativity
The two fancy decors Marmol and Luanda fuses the nobility of marble into the warmth of wood. Adding a refreshing and soothing touch to any living space it is applied to thanks to its soft color tones, Spring offers an ideal option to bring the spring breeze to living spaces. Costa, one of the uniform decors, is preferred by those who want create a positive mood in their living space with its soft color tone.

Harmony and comfort highlighted
The new member of the wood decor line, Atlas Pine gives living spaces the elegant, strong and aesthetic texture of the pine tree that easily adapts to all seasonal conditions. Almond, the new uniform decor, has a light and neutral color, making it the choice of those looking for a feeling of spaciousness in their living spaces. 

Timeless, long-lasting elegance
The Vision decorative panels, which add an innovative touch to every part of living spaces from the wall to the furniture, help designers and decoration enthusiasts make the living space of their dreams come true. The selection of Vision panels that can be applied to a great variety of products, such as furniture, decorative panels, shelf and wall panels, laminate coverings, foils, and kitchen and office furniture, also stands out with its durable structure as well as its aesthetic look.