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New Panel Series by Kastamonu Entegre, Giving Mirror Effect to Decoration: Evogloss Reflections

Adding aesthetics and value to living spaces with its rich range of decors and surfaces, the new panel series Evogloss Reflections by Kastamonu Entegre does not only give depth to living spaces with its glossy and mirror-effect surfaces, but also brings naturalness to spaces with its matte surfaces.

Kastamonu Entegre, the global brand in the wood-based panel industry, diversified its product range with the stylish looking Evogloss Reflections series made to the latest trends in the design world. Produced with PVC/PET coatings on the surface of superior quality MDF panels, the Evogloss Reflections series strikes with its high durability feature. The Evogloss Reflections series adds warmth, dynamism and depth to spaces with its matte surface panels, while giving a glittering appearance to spaces thanks to its mirror effect. Additionally, the series allows for authentic, modern and aesthetic designs at every point of living spaces, from kitchen and bathroom cabinets to furniture.

Produced with the latest decoration trends in mind, the Evogloss Reflections series has 12 decor options, including Anthracite, Black, Cream, White, Bianco, Mink and Galaxy White glossy decors and Dark Gray, Storm Gray, Black, Cream and Lacquered White soft matte decors.

Not only aesthetic, but also long-lasting and durable

With their glossy and matte patterns that drive new trends, the Evogloss Reflections panels are often preferred for their aesthetic appearance as well as their technological features that guarantee durability. The moisture-resistant, easy-to-clean, soft-touch, smooth surface of the panels, which maintain their first-day appearance for many years due to high resistance to stains, scratches, cracking and fading, received acclaim with interest from users.  They are also minimally affected by the loss of gloss caused by abrasive materials used in surface cleaning, thanks to their superior micro-scratch resistance.